Strengthen Program Capacity

Mass Mentoring Partnership offers virtual and in person training and technical assistance to develop and build the capacity of high-quality youth mentoring programs. We provide research-based resources and nationally recognized practices to promote positive outcomes for youth. 

We share our resourcesBelow is a list of our core trainings. 


Our four-part training series on developing knowledge, skills and attitudes that help both volunteers and staff at youth-serving organizations develop empowering youth-adult relationships in any setting. 



DESCRIPTION: This interactive training is designed to build knowledge, skills and attitudes that help adults connect with and support the growth and development of the youth they serve. 

Agenda includes: Thinking Back: getting in touch with young people • Who is being served: brief view of child and/or adolescent development. The importance of Relationships: Review of the research • What can volunteers do? Understanding the Developmental Relationship Model and identifying specific mindsets and activities youth need most. • Race, Class and Ethnicity: their importance in relationship building 


DESCRIPTION: Race, class and ethnicity play a major role in how people connect. This training is an introduction to culturally responsive practices, with a focus on self-exploration and reflection.

Agenda includes: In Group/Out Group Experiential Activity • The Four l's of Oppression • Words Matter: Understanding the Terms of Race Equity • Culture and Our World: What's Happening for Young People • Building a More Inclusive Program 


DESCRIPTION: This training is designed to build the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to support adults working with youth who may have experienced trauma. 

Agenda includes: Trauma and Resilience • Trauma and Impact on Development • Principles around Trauma Informed Practices • Climate / Classroom Assessment • Self-Care 


DESCRIPTION: This training is designed to provide all the necessary tools and information you need to create and sustain empowering youth-adult relationships through the modality of mentoring.

Agenda includes: Define youth mentoring and recognize the essential components of a quality mentoring program • Apply the Elements of Effective Practice in your program practices

MMP recognizes the high quality standards that member programs are working towards.As a benefit for membership, training fees are separated into two categories: member and non-member.

Member fees per person
Partner level members receive four vouchers per calendar year for use at the trainings of their choice
Three-hour training: $49
Full-day training: $89, lunch on your own
Two-day training: $149, lunch on your own
Non-member fees per person
Three-hour training: $79
Full-day training: $129, lunch on your own
Two-day training: $199, lunch on your own

Check out answers to frequently asked training questions here. 

If you would like to learn more about trainings for your corporation or organization or your program is not already enrolled in membership, visit our Quality-Based Membership page or contact Janeen Smith, Senior Manager of Training and Technical Assistance, at

Capacity Building Resources

Mass Mentoring Partnership is committed to providing individualized, capacity building technical assistance to mentoring and youth-serving programs across the state. Technical Assistance (TA) is targeted support that MMP can provide to an organization with a development need or challenge.

MMP’s Technical Assistance can take the following forms:

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