Dustin Thompson

Dustin Thompson

Mentor Agency: South Boston T.E.A.M.

Why do you think mentoring is important?

Being a mentor was important for me as it provides me with a different perspective on life.  Through mentoring I have the ability to give new ideas and open doors that can change a young person’s life. The individual I mentor also has the ability to change my life as I gain new insight into how he thinks, acts and what he cares about. 

What prompted you to become a mentor?

I was prompted to become a mentor as I wanted to give back to someone younger than me.  I considered it important to share my knowledge and experiences with someone that is younger and less experienced since this can help them grow.

What is it about our mentoring program that you like/appreciate?

South Boston T.E.A.M. gives us the opportunity to take advantage of events occurring around Boston but also gives the mentor and mentee the ability to do anything desired.  Not having a set schedule really allows both the mentor and mentee to do activities that they both enjoy.

What have you learned through being a mentor?

Being a mentor has taught me to be open-minded, to be patient and to be a role model.  It’s important for me to understand Brendon’s thought process so that I better identify with his decisions.  I must be patient throughout the mentoring process as the environment is much different than situations I typically spend my time in.