Community Partnerships

Mass Mentoring Partnership (MMP) works with mentoring programs and youth development organizations across the Commonwealth to determine programmatic needs and organizational capacity, identify resources for start-up and ongoing operations, and provide customized strategies on how to implement and sustain a quality program that benefits youth, mentors, and the community.

Recognizing that collaboration with community organizations is vital to better serve the youth in our communities, MMP seeks to build meaningful relationships with other organizations to not only to fuel the mentoring movement, but to help organizations achieve their goals as well. There are a number of ways that community organizations can get involved.

  1. Encourage employees to become mentors: There are ample in person and virtual opportunities to create lasting relationships between mentors and the youth who need them. MMP can train your employees to be mentors, and we do so by outlining the steps to becoming a mentor, explaining what mentoring is, and matching employees to mentoring programs in our network that will provide them with a quality experience.
  2. Connect your brand: MMP’s mentor recruitment campaigns provide a great opportunity to partner and create co-branded messages for distribution through traditional and social media. Support can also be leveraged by underwriting match activities to reward new matches or mini-grants to offer to campaign mentoring program partners.
  3. Partner with MMP on a mentoring initiative: MMP will work with your organization to create a mentoring initiative that combines the mission, messaging, and goals of both of our organizations in order to reach a broader audience and make a bigger impact.
  4. Share your skills: Mentoring programs need more than mentors and money to succeed. Do you or your organization have services and skills you can offer? Whether it's help with technology, marketing, legal, accounting, strategic planning or fundraising we can help you find a program that could benefit from your expertise.
  5. Donate space: There are lots of ways to use your organization’s space to help a mentoring program. Host an information session for employees about mentoring, host a fundraiser, friendraiser, training or board meeting for a mentoring program, or perhaps you have unused space in your office to house a mentoring organization.
  6. Raise awareness: You can make a difference simply by helping us raise awareness of the need for mentors and resources to support mentoring programs. You can donate advertising space, promote mentoring to your employees, clients, and customers, offer marketing and PR services, or use your communication tools to help us to promote mentoring.
  7. Facilitate new relationships: Do you like to bring people together? Introducing us to peers in your circle enables us to spread the word about the value of quality mentoring in our communities.

For more information or to get your organization involved, contact Amelia Aubourg, our Director of Communications and External Affairs at