Business Opportunities and Partnerships

Mass Mentoring Partnership (MMP) works with mentoring programs and youth development organizations across the Commonwealth to determine programmatic needs and organizational capacity, identify resources for start-up and ongoing operations, and provide customized strategies on how to implement and sustain a quality program that benefits youth, mentors, businesses, and the community.

There are a number of ways that businesses can get involved in mentoring. We are committed to building lasting partnerships, and we will work with your company to ensure an approach that aligns with your mission and meets the needs of your employees.

  1. Encourage employees to become mentors: There are ample opportunities to create lasting relationships between mentors and the youth who need them. MMP can train your employees to be mentors, and we do so by outlining the steps to becoming a mentor, explaining what mentoring is, and matching employees to mentoring programs in our network that will provide them with a quality experience.
  2. Make a financial contribution to MMP or engage your employees in MMP’s fundraising efforts: Making a financial contribution to MMP, sponsoring an event, or engaging your employees in our fundraising efforts supports our mission of fueling the mentoring movement across Massachusetts. We participate in four events each year and are always looking for participants, committee members, sponsors and donors. Join us today!
  3. Provide pro-bono support through donated tickets and/or services: Mentoring programs need more than mentors and money to succeed. Do you or your business have services and skills you can offer? Some companies can provide ticket donations for theater or sporting events that we can distribute to mentor/mentee pairs in our network, or significant gifts or experiences we can use for fundraising auctions. Items might include, but are not limited to: event tickets, sports memorabilia, game or concert experiences, celebrity dinners, etc.
  4. Support the mentoring field by offering grants or mini-grants: As part of our efforts to provide field resources, MMP raises funds through corporate, foundation and individual donors that are granted to mentoring programs to expand capacity and offer support in starting and sustaining new mentoring initiatives. We can serve as your advisor and/or evaluator on grant-making for youth mentoring.
  5. Start a mentoring program: We regularly work with companies to find appropriate community-based or school-based mentoring partners, and then help employers create programs within their organization. Our team will work with you to identify and partner with high-quality youth mentoring programs, provide targeted employee marketing and recruitment, conduct mentor training and guidance, and offer program development consultation and evaluation.

For more information or to get your business involved, please contact our Director of Development, Amanda Doyle-Bouvier, at