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Having a mentor helps young people stay engaged in school, develop a positive attitude toward learning and makes them more likely to graduate high school, attend college, and succeed in a work environment. Mentors are caring adults who are committed, responsible, and reliable. Mentoring is most effective when it's a structured and trusting relationship that brings together young people with caring individuals who can offer guidance, support and encouragement. 

  • Youth who have mentors are 52 percent less likely to skip school, making them more likely to graduate
  • 64 percent of students with mentors develop a more positive attitude toward school, leading to better learning
  • Youth with mentors are 63 percent more likely to reduce high-risk behaviors, and drug, alcohol and tobacco use

Quality mentoring not only impacts youth – it has a significant effect on mentors, families, schools, businesses and community organizations. Mentoring strengthens communities. We call this The Mentor Effect. And it’s working in our community.

Whether you’re looking to become a mentor, find a mentor for your child, or learn how you can get your school, business, or organization involved with a mentoring program, there are a number of ways you can search for a program: