This year, Mass Mentoring Partnership has been blessed with two fantastic runners in the Boston Marathon. I had the opportunity to talk with one of our runners, Maria Rose. Maria is a Senior Program Manager at ALKU, one of MMP’s most active supporters, which has generously agreed to contribute $5,000 towards the runner’s goal of $15,000.

She first began at ALKU as an intern and has been with the firm for 5 and a half years now after graduating from George Mason University. In speaking with her, she praised the culture and supportive environment where she found mentors of her own, managers who invested their time and genuinely fought for her success. 

Her senior managers in Massachusetts always put the extra effort in to reach out and recognize her efforts, a key characteristic in successful mentors. Reflecting on her own experience, Maria said that “mentoring means taking time and interest… and helping people grow.” With their support, she learned how to set goals and challenge herself. With interns of her own now, she is looking forward to taking on a managerial role and giving back.

Rose’s story is yet another example of the power mentoring can have in people’s lives. Mentoring exists everywhere in different roles and faculties. Whether it’s in the workplace, in school, or our personal lives, caring and meaningful relationships can create a positive impact on anyone.

Maria ran the Richmond Marathon in 2017 and actually ran her first half marathon through ALKU. Her training consists of a 20-week regimen, beginning in November, and she is aiming for a 10-minute pace. For new runners, she had this advice: “there will be times when you don’t want to run or ask for a donation, but just do it.” Her perseverance and drive for personal growth was clear to me even over the phone. We at MMP are incredibly grateful to have a woman like Maria Rose championing our cause. If you would like to support Maria Rose or MMP, you can contribute to her fundraising efforts here

Jackson Slaughter is the AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring Network and Communications Associate at Mass Mentoring Partnership