We stand with the AAPI Community #NoAsianHate

Dear Members of the Mass Mentoring Partnership Community,
Once again, we are flooded with scenes of violence, racism, and misogyny. While last week’s shooting was horrific, it is only the latest example of violence against the Asian, Asian-American, Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. We mourn with you and stand with you. Mass Mentoring Partnership is committed to fighting racism and will continue to engage with youth-serving organizations/programs and the larger community to create a discourse that results in action.
Relationships are at the center of our work, and social justice is at the heart of our mission. We know that as youth-serving organizations, you are dedicated to using relationships as a means to help young people thrive. We ask you to use relationships now to hold space and help young people to process and have their voices heard.  
Here are a few ways we can show up for young people:
  • Acknowledge with staff/volunteers, young people, and their caregivers the impact of white supremacy and its role in the deadly anti-Asian, misogynistic attack in Georgia 
  • Take time to educate yourself about racism/violence against the Asian, Asian-American, Pacific Islander community and the intersection with misogyny
  • Provide resources to staff and volunteers and be available to hear their concerns 
  • Ensure that mentors/volunteers and program staff are supported to check in with young people and help them to share any feelings (fear, anger, disbelief) they may be experiencing
  • Learn about available resources within your community and reach out prior to needing them to increase the quality of any referrals that will need to be made 
At MMP, we remain focused and dedicated in our efforts to move the conversation into action. We do so for our young people, our programs, and for youth advocates across the Commonwealth.
Here are resources we hope you will find helpful:
Supporting Youth and Mentors
We are committed to helping you with this process, as well as helping young people find their path in social activism. To advance these efforts, we are providing you with the tools and the resources you need to strengthen relationships with young people experiencing trauma in your community. Please know we are with you every step of the way.
Jacqui Conrad                                                                Lily Mendez
Board Chair                                                                   President/CEO