Updates to the Mentoring Connector

MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership updated its Mentoring Connector and added several new features that allow programs to have more control over how their listings appear to potential volunteers, and also provide incentives for program that are diligent.


For a detailed overview of the updates, check-out the complete guide to what's new below.


Mentoring Connector Update - January 2019

  • Programs can now upload videos and images for their MC profiles.  Videos are hosted on YouTube.
  • Programs can now see which information is public.
  • “Program HQ” is listed first when program is looked up, then additional cities (zip codes) are listed.
  • The Mentoring Connector now prioritizes listing based on a number of conditions:
    • Match Rate from the previous month
    • Percentage of total volunteer inquiries responded to within a week
    • NQMS done
    • ADA serving
  • PYD Button - If a volunteer searches for a programs that serve youth with disabilities, a button will appear that brings them to a PYD resource page.
  • Programs will now receive monthly reminders to log in and to mark matches on the first day of each month.
  • There is now a time stamp on marking matches
  • There are now onscreen instructions for both program applications and for program end of the Connector.
  • Program login page now directs to volunteers awaiting response/match
  • Affiliates can now see volunteers searches


The Mentoring Connector is a free national database of mentoring programs designed to help quality youth mentoring programs across the country recruit more local volunteers and promote visibility. Visitors to the Mentoring Connector can search for mentoring opportunities by zip code, ages of youth served, and program type to find and contact programs with which they would to participate.