Summer Program Spotlight: Springfield South End Community Center

With summer soon to be in full swing and vaccinations continuing to roll out, MMP is looking into all sorts of activities that mentors and mentees can do together in person. We recently spoke to Jacque Rivera, Director of Operations at Springfield's South End Community Center talk about summer programming at the Center. 
1.      For those not familiar with your organization, could you tell them about it and how it supports youth?
The South End Community Center supports youth with a“ wrap around model”. It is our mission to offer services that directly support and positively influence young people and their overall well-being including but not limited to academics, athletics and access.   

2. What are some physical activities that South End facilitates as part of its programming?

We currently offer physical activities for youth as young as 3 years old  - 17 years of age, which is an introductory/developmental program. We offer recreational sports, competitive sports and fitness classes.

3. What are some fun and safe physical activities that mentors and mentees can do together this summer?

For example, our staff and participants enjoy a weekly game of kickball, friendly water sports at the sprinkler, a mean game of tag as well as number of cooperative age appropriate games.

4. What steps can youth take to stay safe this summer while participating in physical activities?

We strongly encourage our youth to stay hydrated while being physically active. We are also very conscious of participant attire For example, closed toe shoes are important during any physical activities.

5. What role do physical activities play as part of a holistic support structure for youth development?

Physical activity is a major part of our program,  we try to ensure a great deal of physical activities and healthy snacks. Depending on the age of the participant will determine how much physical activity is appropriate."

You can find out more about the Springfield South End Center by visiting