Strong Women, Strong Girls Empowers Young Women Through Mentoring

In my role here at Mass Mentoring Partnership, I often meet new people dedicated to mentoring and youth empowerment.

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Patricia McGuiness, the Program Director at Strong Women, Strong Girls. Strong Women, Strong Girls is an organization dedicated to women lifting up women. Now in their 16th year as a registered nonprofit, a few women have now had the opportunity to experience each part of the multi-generational program, starting in middle school with their own mentors and continuing in college before transitioning to the professional world. These women know what it means both to be a mentee and to mentor others. This cycle builds on itself to become a self-sustaining circle of empowerment and community building dedicating to unlocking the full potential present in every woman.

As a recent college graduate, I can still remember my friends recounting their experiences with the Strong Women Strong Girls program. Their praise for the program meant I have been familiar with the organization for some time now, and I feel fortunate to connect with them through Mass Mentoring Partnership.

Patricia shared with me her love for her job, how she frequently feels struck by the level of commitment their mentors put in, particularly those in college who juggle classes and other commitments in order to create an impact. I hear this sentiment often through the stories of many who have served as mentors and the experiences I share with my colleagues. This conversation seemed especially relevant, considering that March is National Women’s Month.

Speaking of Women’s History Month, Patricia told me about their 4th Annual Women’s Leadership Breakfast, which will held on October 16th at the Intercontinental. This year’s breakfast features author and founder of Cru, Tiffany Dufu. Attendees will receive a copy of her book “Drop The Ball: Achieving More By Doing Less.” The event focuses on building a network of professionals and is available to all women.  For more information, please visit

Jackson Slaughter is the AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring Communications and Network Outreach Associate at Mass Mentoring Partnership.