Spotlight: AmeriCorps Ambassadors of Mentoring

This is the 13th year of MMP’s AmeriCorps program, and 23 AmeriCorps members were placed at 21 youth-serving organizations throughout the state beginning in August. Each AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring (AAOM)  dedicates one year of service to building the capacity of mentoring programs by implementing the research-based best practices found in the Elements of Effective Practices. The EEP provides six standards for creating and sustaining quality youth mentoring programs which lead to impactful mentoring relationships. 


 AAOM service activities and objectives are focused around four of these six EEP standards, with each host site prioritizing the standards for which they most need support. Mentor recruitment is an essential standard for all programs. This year, due to the impact of Covid-19 on our community and the widespread acknowledgement of racial injustice around the world, our AAOMs have a keen awareness of utilizing a racial justice lens in their recruitment process. 


“An element of this job that has intrigued me and jumped out at me as something very important is my questioning potential mentors about

active anti-racism work. In all my interviews, I made sure to ask the potential mentors about Black Lives Matter. Most of our students we

are serving are POC and BLM is on their minds. My host site (Steps to Success Brookline) has had programs with our students using BLM principles to inspire them. It is imperative that our mentors are on the same page as Steps to Success Brookline.The potential mentors who said they did not support BLM had their excuses, but they didn't register for me. I know that our mentors need to be on board with BLM because our program must be actively

anti-racist. Our students deserve a mentor who really sees them and is on board with a movement that aims to protect them and lift them up.

It is time for all people to be bold and join the cause. Our students need mentors who will support them, and that means standing up and

saying, "Black Lives Matter.” 


Libby Carberry

2020 AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring

Steps To Success Brookline