New Partnership Brings Fun and Sports to Young People in the Commonwealth

Mass Mentoring Partnership is excited to be in partnership with Good Sports to celebrate Physical Fitness and Mental Health Awareness Month.  Ensuring that young people and adults are in a consistent relationship, able to enjoy physical activity, and have the ability to do it together is a great way to keep young people healthy and connected.

Good Sports is a nonprofit organization that gives kids the lifelong benefits of sports and physical activity by providing equipment, apparel, and footwear to those most in need. Since 2003, Good Sports has provided nearly $70 million in sports equipment, impacting over 8 million kids from more than 5,500 youth programs across the country.  

Thanks to Good Sports and the generosity of an anonymous donor, we are able to offer individualized play packs to over 1,000 young people who are engaged in a supportive, consistent relationship with an adult, including mentors, youth workers, or program staff.  These play packs are given directly to young people for them to own!  The play packs are provided to youth to support their relationship with their mentor by using it together; to provide equipment the young person needs to engage in a sports team or program but is unable to afford; or to feed a young person's passion. This is our first year working with Good Sports and promoting physical activity as a match support activity, and we look forward to expanding the possibilities and our partnership in the future. To learn more or to get involved, please visit