MMP Is Here for You

Dear MMP Family, 

This has been a very difficult time for so many. I stand with you and share your concerns, your weariness and your anger. There have been too many young black men and women who have died because of violence enabled by structural racism. Like many of you, I have asked myself as a leader, what can I do to break this cycle? 

We know it will take resources, courageous conversation and restorative justice to break systemic barriers and create real inclusion and opportunity for our young people. MMP's commitment is to continue strengthening our advocacy work, and I ask that you join us, as a collective of organizations that deeply care about young people and are willing to use our position of privilege and power to shine light on inequity and band together to support legislation that addresses structural barriers for young people. 

We must not only care for the individual child, but also dismantle the conditions dictated by economic disparities fueled by structural racism. There are many young people depending on committed caring adults like us to step up and step out to lift up their voices. This is what is required of all of us in this moment and beyond. 

At MMP, we will deepen our commitment to actively fight racism by examining for practices and organizational culture. We will walk alongside our partners and mentoring community to create a discourse that results in action. For the sake of the memory of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmad Arbery and countless others, we will continue to support Brown and Black young people who deserve to be protected not brutalized, heard not silenced, valued not dehumanized.