Mentoring Story Spotlight: Jelly and Cristina from Hyde Square Task Force

We are continuing to lift up mentoring stories from our partners in the Mayor's Mentoring Movement. Here is one from Barbara Civill at Hyde Square Task Force. 

At Hyde Square Task Force, each 12th grade mentoring pair has a success story in one way or another, but one pair stands out:   Cristina and Nayelys aka​ Jelly. As a mentor, Cristina was matched up with mentee Jelly in early October and it took them a bit to get to know each other, with many of Jelly’s responses being yes or no answers. During that process, Cristina realized that Jelly had not begun any part of the college application process, which included the college essay, a lengthy ordeal. Jelly was not confident on how to begin this process and Cristina realized that they needed to start from scratch. Jelly felt disorganized and like she needed more structure. Luckily she has Cristina, and they got to work. Cristina’s advice and suggestions on how to outline the essay helped Jelly accomplish small benchmarks throughout the process.

Slowly but surely their trust with each other grew each week when they met online as well as offline via text messages. Cristina would offer Jelly tips as they worked on certain tasks together and would also encourage her to accomplish tasks that needed to get done in between their weekly virtual mentoring sessions. Jelly would respond to Cristina with a text of accomplishment when she finished a task.

Their relationship is now quite strong and Jelly’s confidence has grown throughout this process. Cristina always looks forward to their Tuesday meetups and always comes to each session prepared with work to do. They always meet up until it is time to leave Zoom, usually being the last pair in the virtual space. Cristina is Jelly’s biggest cheerleader. She cannot wait to celebrate and learn of the schools that will accept Jelly, and neither can we.

Quote from Jelly (mentee): "I really liked working with Cristina, she's understanding and without her, I'd be very lost on this whole college process."

Quote from Cristina (mentor): "I love working with Jelly! I've been involved with HSTF's mentoring program for a while now, but helping Jelly through the college application process and being part of her senior year has been one of my most rewarding mentoring experiences."

Submitted to Samuel Steed, AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring Networking Outreach and Communications Associate for Mass Mentoring Partnership.