Mentoring Night at Fenway -- WEEI/NESN Interviews

On June 27th, nearly 1,000 mentors and mentees from across the state came to Fenway Park for Mentoring Night to celebrate relationships and watch the Red Sox take on the Twins. Some of the matches appeared on the field during the pregame activities. Representing EVkids, mentee Jimmy and his mentor Jackson were interviewed about their relationship on NESN and WEEI.

In 2014, mentor Jackson and mentee Jimmy were matched by EVkids. The program empowers inner-city Boston youth with the skills and confidence needed to realize their potential. They help low-income, academically vulnerable children and teens succeed in school and life by systematically strengthening core academic skills, organizational habits, and other life skills.


While Jackson and Jimmy have formed an amazing bond after three years, it took time for them to build a strong, trusting relationship. They worked together to figure out a tutoring routine to improve Jimmy’s academics as they got to know each other’s likes and dislikes. They attend several tutoring events through their program, which are designed to enhance their relationship, to provide learning workshops, and to give Jimmy a closer look into Jackson’s college life.


Jimmy is always excited to see Jackson on a weekly basis ever since he entered his life as a role model and tutor. Jackson has fulfilled the role of being a Big Brother to Jimmy as they have many moments teasing each other and laughing at inside jokes. Jackson continues to provide Jimmy with the support that he need to help him work through any difficult situations at school. They both look forward to spending more time with each other, especially when they will be interviewed together at the Red Sox game.