Mentoring Night at Fenway -- Bat Girls

On June 27th, nearly 1,000 mentors and mentees from across the state came to Fenway Park for Mentoring Night to celebrate relationships and watch the Red Sox take on the Twins. Some of the matches appeared on the field during the pregame activities. Representing Big Brothers Big Sisters of Child and Family Services, mentee Christionna got to serve as honorary bat girl. She was joined by her mentor, Kelsey.

In December 2015, mentor Kelsey and mentee Christionna were matched by the local Big Brothers Big Sisters program as part of Child and Family Services. The program provides friendships and role models to young boys and girls living in the Greater New Bedford area. They believe that having a Big Brother or Sister can make a real difference in a child’s life by helping him or her to better handle life’s ups and downs.


While Christionna was very shy and quiet when she first met Kelsey over a year ago, Kelsey gradually discovered how “silly and outgoing” Christionna truly was as they learned how much they have in common. As a major sports fan, Christionna enjoys talking to Kelsey about her favorite teams and players whenever they hang out.


“Christionna’s favorite team is the Red Sox, so this is the greatest opportunity that I could give to her by bringing her to a game,” Kelsey said. “I do whatever I can to keep a smile on her face because she never ceases to amaze me.” After over a year together, they hope to learn more about baseball and about each other when they catch up at the game.