Mentoring Night at Fenway -- Bat Boys

On June 27th, nearly 1,000 mentors and mentees from across the state came to Fenway Park for Mentoring Night to celebrate relationships and watch the Red Sox take on the Twins. Some of the matches appeared on the field during the pregame activities. Representing Family Services of the Merrimack Valley, mentee, Lucas got to serve as honorary bat boy. He was joined by his mentor, Kevin.

In June 2016, mentor Kevin and mentee Lucas were matched by Family Services of the Merrimack Valley as part of the Big Friends Little Friends program. The program matches caring adult mentors with young people who could benefit from a relationship with a positive adult role model. Big Friends Little Friends serves 15 towns in the Merrimack Valley to develop the positive potential of young people by providing them with support, guidance and friendship.


It has been an exciting year for Kevin and Lucas, who meet once a week for many different activities, like mini-golf, go-cart racing, playing catch, and eating ice cream. In addition, they also set a day every other week for school work, where Kevin helps Lucas with homework or visits the library to read. Kevin said, “Lucas has always made it clear to me that he loves hanging out. He considers me a good friend, and that alone has made everything worth it to me.”


“Lucas has had a huge effect on me. It’s one thing to help guide a young boy's life and direction, but it’s a monumental achievement the other way around,” Kevin said. “He has made me appreciate the simpler things in life. Nothing makes me more proud than two people from completely different cultures and many ages apart being able to have a conversation about anything.” As Lucas has already grown close with Kevin’s wife and 2-year-old son, the pair will be celebrating their one-year anniversary at Fenway.