Mass Mentoring Partnership Partners with City of Boston to highlight BIPOC City Champions During Black History Month

During the Black History Month, Mass Mentoring Partnership and the City of Boston are partnering to expand the number of mentors for the youth of Boston. During these unprecedented times, the need for caring, supportive adult mentors has never been greater. 

Please join us at one of the following information sessions to learn more about the initiative and meet representatives from youth serving organizations and mentoring programs. Hear BIPOC mentoring champions and leaders from various city departments share their reflections on mentoring. You will have the opportunity to sign up during these sessions. Please RSVP and check out our program partners here. 

Tuesday, February 23rd at 10 am - Please register here 

Wednesday, February 24th at 12 pm - Please register here 

Thursday, February 25th at 2 pm - Please register here 

We can all look back at the adults who made a difference in our lives. They listened, guided and supported us. Too many young people in Boston lack those adults in their lives who can make a real difference and help them reach their full potential, especially during this COVID pandemic. These positive youth-adult relationships not only benefit the young person, but also strengthen their families and help build more resilient communities.