Mass Mentoring Partnership and the City of Boston Partner to Highlight the Need for Mentors and BIPOC Champions During Virtual Recruitment Sessions

Boston, Mass. - During Black History Month, Mass Mentoring Partnership (MMP) and the City of Boston are partnering to expand the number of mentors for the youth in Boston. During these unprecedented times, the need for caring, supportive, adult mentors has never been greater.

Mass Mentoring Partnership will be holding virtual information sessions where city employees will meet representatives from mentoring and youth-serving organizations and hear from BIPOC mentoring champions and leaders from various city departments, who will share their reflections on the power of mentoring relationships. Participants will have the opportunity to sign up during these virtual sessions. They will be held at the following dates and times:  Tuesday, February 23rd, at 10 am (RSVP here), Wednesday, February 24th, at 12 pm (RSVP here), and Thursday, February 25th, at 2 pm, (RSVP here). This is the first time we will hold this initiative.

“We can all look back at the adults who made a difference in our lives. They listened, guided and supported us. Too many young people in Boston lack those adults in their lives who can make a real difference and help them reach their full potential, especially during this COVID pandemic. These positive youth-adult relationships not only benefit the young person, but also strengthen their families and help build more resilient communities,” shared Lily Mendez, President/CEO, Mass Mentoring Partnership.

Mass Mentoring Partnership has been a partner with the Mayor’s Mentoring Movement for six years. The Mayor’s Mentoring Movement started in 2014 as a collaboration with Mass Mentoring Partnership. The goal was to give more young people in Boston access to a mentor by increasing the number of MMP mentors by 1,000, with 10% of those new mentors being City of Boston employees. Since the start of the program, over 2,500 mentors have signed up.  The sessions will help to address the need for empowering youth-adult relationships.

“The City of Boston is excited to be working with Mass Mentoring Partnership to help employees connect with young people across the city. It’s an opportunity to learn how easy it is to get involved and the many online options to stay connected to our city’s youth,” said Health and Human Services Director of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships, Marc Germain. “This will also be an opportunity for City employees to hear from BIPOC mentoring champions and leaders from City departments about how they are supporting young people during the pandemic.”

About Mass Mentoring Partnership

Mass Mentoring Partnership (MMP) is committed to ensuring that every young person in the state has access to quality mentoring relationships, regardless of who they are or where they live. MMP is a statewide organization that partners with corporate, public, and philanthropic entities to drive critical resources to a network of more than 370 mentoring and youth-serving organizations, representing more than 50,000 young people.