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George Russell at the 2013 Youth Mentoring Forum at State Street

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"At the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, our goal is to focus on educational initiatives that prepare all students for personal and economic success. Our hope is that every child, regardless of socio-economic class, race or gender enters school ready to learn; successfully stays in school; and graduates on time. Mass Mentoring helps create this educational continuum and we know first-hand how innovative and significant their impact is in strengthening nonprofits and the communities they serve. Bank of America is proud to support such a valuable organization."
Alicia Verity, senior vice president, Bank of America


"I am so honored and proud to be associated with the cutting-edge, far-reaching, significant, quality work of MMP. You guys are really the best."
Melissa MacDonnell, vice president, director of corporate public affairs, Liberty Mutual Group


“Mentoring helps kids who may otherwise be on the wrong path see that there are different and better options for their futures. That is why State Street’s belief in mentoring has intensified in lockstep with our increased focus on youth violence prevention in Boston. Of course, supporting Mass Mentoring Partnership is a key element of that investment strategy and we are proud to work with an organization devoted to ensuring that young people have a quality relationship with an adult who cares about them and wants to see them succeed.”
George Russell, executive vice president and director of corporate citizenship for State Street Corporation