Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start the process?

All programs start by completing the online membership application or ask for a hard copy from MMP staff.

Is there a cost?

Every level of membership is free. MMP’s services to help you through membership are free. Services may include program staff attending a regularly scheduled MMP training, materials to review, or one-on-one technical assistance with a MMP staff member.

What if I only want to be an Affiliate member?

Some programs may be eligible for Associate Partner level, but choose to remain as an Affiliate. The choice is yours and you can change your mind at any time.

What if I only want to be an Associate Partner?

Programs are not allowed to stay as an Associate member – this level is considered the stepping stone to becoming a Partner member and is only used for programs that are working on the self-assessment or work plan. There is a four-month limit to being an Associate Partner.

Are there any benefits available to an Associate Partner that are different than for Affiliates?

Yes, certain grants and match activities are only for Associate Partners and Partners.

What if I want to be a Partner?

Programs must complete the “road to membership” to become a Partner member.

  1. The first step is to complete the online application with the Associate Partner box checked.
  2. If MMP approves the application, a staff member will set up a meeting to review the self-assessment tool that is required for all programs who wish to become Partner members
  3. The program designee then begins to complete the self-assessment
  4. Once completed, MMP staff and the program designee meet to discuss the self-assessment and think through any work plan that will be required to satisfy the requirements of the self-assessment
  5. The entire process must be completed within four months from the start of the work on the self-assessment through the completion of a potential work plan as identified by MMP and the program designee
Does a program have to complete every question on the self-assessment before submitting it for review by MMP?

No, MMP prefers that programs only complete the questions that the program can provide documents for and questions which the program currently has practices, policies or procedures in place. The role of MMP is to guide the program through the questions that are left unanswered or answered questions that need strengthening in some way. The goal is to meet the standards of The Elements of Effective Practice and MMP as incorporated throughout the self-assessment.

What is a work plan?

A work plan is the document that MMP staff and the program designee agree to complete after the review of the self-assessment. The work plan articulates in detail action steps to be taken by both parties in order to meet the requirements of membership as well as the dates for completion. The work plan may include materials that MMP provides to the program to strengthen a program operation; or the requirement of a program staff member(s) to attend a regularly scheduled MMP training (for free); or documents, practices and or policies that are currently missing from the management or operation of the program.

What if I am turned down for membership?

If you are turned down for any level of membership, MMP staff will provide you with detailed information on what you need to do to become eligible.

What if I have questions about my program’s eligibility for any of the levels of membership?

Programs are encouraged to contact MMP staff for assistance. Questions are welcome! Support is available at each phase of membership. For more information, contact Janeen Smith, Senior Manager of Program Services, at