Celebrating 25 Mentors of MMP, Part 3

Since our founding in 1992, there have been many individuals and organizations that have had a significant impact on Mass Mentoring Partnership. It’s through their commitment to our mission that we have been able to continue our work and strengthen communities through empowering youth-adult relationships. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary this year, we’ve selected 25 Mentors of Mass Mentoring Partnership to recognize for their contributions. We recognized them earlier this year at our gala celebration and we thank them for everything they’ve done to help us achieve so much throughout our history. Without them, we would not be the organization we are today. In the coming weeks, we will be highlighting these 25 mentors  - here are five: 


Harvey Lowell.jpg


Harvey Lowell

Harvey is the President and CEO of Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters and was heavily involved in the early years of MMP's program leadership council, helping to give critical voice to the needs of program partners. As a leading program advocate of Mass Mentoring from the start, Harvey has helped to shape the organization’s goals and services to help advance the mentoring movement on all fronts. His long term commitment to mentoring has made a big difference in the MMP story and helped shape the organization.



highland_street_foundation.pngHighland Street Foundation 

Highland Street Foundation has offered critical support for MMP through the years. From their board leadership and guidance to their generous financial support, the Highland Street Foundation has been key to MMP’s growth and development. Their inaugural support of the Highland Street Americorps Ambassadors of Mentoring Program which builds capacity at mentoring programs has made a lasting impact on over 50 different organizations across the state.


John Mahoney.jpg


John Mahoney 

John, retired CFO of Staples, has provided generous philanthropic support, valuable financial management guidance and key board leadership for over ten years to MMP. His mentorship and guidance to MMP leadership over the past decade has made a big impact on the growth and management of the organization and helped to shape its path moving forward.



John Pearson.jpg


John Pearson 

John was the CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay for nearly 25 years, guiding both BBBSMB and MMP in becoming the organizations they are today. He served as a critical voice in MMP's development as a program leader and board of directors member for many years and helped to ensure the voice of program partners were instrumental in MMP’s vision of success. His deep commitment to mentoring and leadership in the field has made a lasting impact.



Larry Fish.jpg


Larry Fish 

As the former CEO/President of Citizen's Bank, Larry provided MMP valuable philanthropic support and guidance and was instrumental in the creation of the James G. Connolly Tribute Fund for mentoring. His mentorship and partnership with the Connolly family helped to shape this memorial fund and celebrate the life and service of James G. Connolly. Larry’s leadership in the community and his commitment to young people have played a major role in MMP’s story of impact.



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