Mass Mentoring Counts

Panelists at the Mass Mentoring Counts event discuss the 2018 survey findings.

Launched in 2006 by Mass Mentoring Partnership (MMP), Mass Mentoring Counts is a biennial initiative that highlights the landscape, trends, and needs of youth mentoring programs, and offers a comparative analysis of changes in the field over the decade. Mass Mentoring Counts is a powerful tool that has enabled MMP, its network of programs, and key stakeholders to establish benchmarks for the field to better meet the needs of youth, to strengthen the case for investment of private and public resources, to raise public awareness for the field, and to guide strategic decision-making.


This year MMP wanted to understand how mentoring programs were doing in the area of cultural responsive practice and bench mark where the field is on the basic elements in order to identify areas of strengths and challenges, to better understand the needs of the field and to work collectively to improve and harness our effort. One hundred six organizations completed the Mass Mentoring Counts (MMC) web survey, providing information on single or multiple programs. The 2018 report provides information from the 130 youth mentoring programs run by these 106 organizations, representing a 51% organizational response rate.

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Research on youth mentoring is abundant and points to the impact that it has on strengthening academic performance and self-esteem, preventing risky behaviors and other benchmarks.