Zachary Davidson -- City Year Boston

Zachary Davidson
​Organization: City Year Boston

I currently serve in a fifth grade classroom as an extra adult to support the teacher. In this position, I am a tutor, mentor and role model for my students. I provide differentiated, small-group academic support in addition to attendance and behavioral coaching.      

I got involved with City Year because I am passionate about education and believe that the Corps Member's role is uniquely situated between peer and adult, which I think makes a greater impact on young people. I realized that when I was younger, having adults in my schools that showed a genuine interest in my well being both in and out of the classroom was an enormous support to me. I'd like to be one such adult for my students. City Year is also committed to helping correct systemic injustices in our education system, which I feel strongly about.  

I graduated high school last year and am attending college after I finish my term with City Year. I am gaining valuable work experience and career skills that I hope will give me greater context for my experience in higher education. I am also building social awareness in the context of our education system. I've found a new appreciation for wrestling with questions that do not have simple answers and the wisdom that is in any room of people. This has led me to discover that I have a passion for service and education, and I'd like to stay involved in those areas throughout and after my undergraduate education.

During my time with City Year, I have learned that as different as we are, my students and I have a lot in common and I learned how to truly value our differences. You can learn more about City Year Boston at