Rebecca Kropp -- City Year Boston

Rebecca Kropp
​Organization: City Year Boston

​I am currently serving as a first year City Year AmeriCorps member on the Advent International team with the Condon K-6 School in South Boston. City Year's mission is to end the high school dropout crisis. Through working with students every day, I am able to help them develop skills they can use to be successful in school.

I serve in a 6th grade math classroom, so a lot of what I do is focused on math. I also coach and mentor students in coming to school every day and being active and engaged in all of their classes. I believe in the power of young people. Given the right amount of support, all young people can grow up to do incredible things. I was lucky enough to have a lot of supportive people in my corner when I was in school, and I believe that young people can never have enough support. While I may not be able to make a difference in every young life, if I can make one student smile because I showed up and let them know I was there to support them, it’s the least I can do.

The most valuable thing I have gotten through this experience is to smile every day. I am getting to spend every day with incredible students. I have watched them struggle; I have watched them learn; I have watched them grow. Sometimes I think I am learning more from my students than they could possibly be learning from me. I have learned that simple things are sometimes more complicated and that complicated things can turn out to be really simple. I've learned to ask questions, to build meaningful relationships and not to just say I care, but to show I care.    

I think people should get involved in a young person's life because at some point in all of our lives, we had someone on our side, in our corner, pumping us up, and telling us we could do it when everyone else said we couldn't. Every young person deserves to have as many of those people in their lives as they can find.  You can learn more about City Year Boston at