Who mentored you? CEO Chris Moses explains

Throughout National Mentoring Month, we will be highlighting different perspectives on The Mentor Effect from community leaders across Massachusetts. Today's perspective comes from Chris Moses, CEO of Smart Scheduling.

Chris_Smart_Headshot_v02As the CEO of a health information technology startup, Smart Scheduling, I’ve had countless mentors help me along the way. These mentors have been both official (advisors to and investors in Smart Scheduling) as well as informal in the form of my friends and family. Running a company has its ups and downs, and leading a startup through the stages of ideation, product creation and sales is like riding a roller coaster to the moon. Reaching out for help quickly and often has been a necessity!

My closest mentor and friend (and also kickboxing partner) has been Dr. Leo Celi. He is an intensive care unit physician at Harvard’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, and a principal investigator for the MIMIC clinical research database hosted by the Laboratory for Computational Physiology at MIT.

Leo’s leadership is inspiring and yet his easy-going personality has a humbling effect. A great mentor is there to support you in the hard times, and challenge you when you think you’ve figured it all out. He regularly pushes me to think about the relevancy of my work to clinical practice. How can we provide best care at lower costs? How can we generate new evidence in medicine that challenges the status quo yet doesn’t create more noise with useless products? You may not get the answer you want to hear, but by listening you’ll hear what you need to learn.

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