Welcome inaugural Corporate Mentoring Honor Roll inductee Natixis Global Asset Management

Q_NATIXIS_10CMMass Mentoring is launching the inaugural Corporate Mentoring Honor Roll to recognize Massachusetts businesses of all sizes that are strengthening communities through engagement of employee, financial, and in-kind resources. In late 2013, we invited businesses and mentoring programs to nominate a company for the Corporate Mentoring Honor Roll. The honorees are being recognized at the Jan. 14 Corporate Mentoring Summit at State Street during National Mentoring Month, and in conjunction with the Summit we will be rolling out an inductee in the days around the event. Today's post recognizing Natixis Global Asset Management comes from their nomination submitted by Amy Kingman, Boston executive director at Strong Women Strong Girls.

Strong Women, Strong Girls (SWSG) is a multi-generational mentoring program dedicated to closing the ambition gap for girls in low-income communities. As a part of our program, SWSG trains college women to mentor elementary school girls. In addition, SWSG matches professional women with our college mentors to help support their efforts.

2013 Strong Awards-126Six emerging women leaders at Natixis are currently serving as Professional Mentors in SWSG's Strong Leaders program. As Professional Mentors, these young women meet every three weeks with their mentees, attend field trips where college mentors bring their elementary school girls to their college campus, and provide resources to support their mentee's efforts. Additionally, through their one-on-one mentoring relationships, these
Professional Mentors provide a listening ear to our college mentors as they
process their mentoring relationships with the elementary school girls.

Natixis provides generous annual financial contributions to SWSG through three revenue streams. First, employees give to the organization through a payroll deduction on a monthly basis. Second, Natixis provides a corporate match for all employee donations. Last, employees from Natixis are split up into charity teams and each team is responsible for advocating for the company to make a financial contribution to their organization. Each year, employees from
Natixis and staff from SWSG work collaboratively to put together a proposal to
the company outlining how much they would like the company to contribute and
how they would like the money to be used. Through this process, Natixis has
increased its giving to SWSG from about $38,000 in its first year, to $65,000
in the third year.

Amy use this for bannerAs a core partner of Natixis, SWSG receives so many in-kind services each year. In the past 12 months, Natixis has donated more than 100 tickets to the Museum of Science for SWSG to use as a mentor and mentee match activity. Additionally, the company has provided pro-bono design and printing support for the program book for the annual volunteer recognition event. Natixis has donated computers and printers, as well as binders for SWSG to use for mentor curriculum, saving the organization thousands of dollars in costs each year.

Tracy Fagan, Senior Vice President of Business Operations at Natixis currently serves on SWSG's national board. As a board member, Tracy is responsible for raising a minimum of $5,000 for SWSG each year, although she leverages her relationships inside and outside of the company to raise much more than that each year.

Each year, Natixis hosts a charity fair for its eight core charities. As a part of this event, Natixis promotes each organization's mission to all of its employees in Boston. Natixis publishes a giving guide for employees and gives each organization a chance to present its mission to all employees to recruit more volunteers and donors. Each year, SWSG has been able to move more people to get involved with SWSG as Professional Mentors as well as volunteers and donors to the organization.

Natixis also has a partnership with Winthrop Elementary School where
their employees mentor through Boston Partners in Education. Mass Mentoring Partnership facilitated this collaboration, through which a group of dedicated academic mentors travel to the school every Wednesday to participate in Boston Partners in Education’s Power Lunch program. The volunteers work with first grade students on raising confidence levels, improving literacy skills, and cultivating curiosity. The company also provides technical support, in-kind donations, and other assistance.

The company is dedicated to investing in our community, as evidenced through CEO John Hailer's view on corporate citizenship: "Charitable organizations and non-profits are a crucial part of the social safety net for families and individuals in Boston and across the Commonwealth," he says in an article in the Boston Business Journal's 2014 Giving Guide. And Natixis' involvement is paying off: employee satisfaction and retention continues to grow, and more employees are participating in the corporate philanthropy program.

This is just one of the many additional ways that Natixis demonstrates its commitment to changing communities through mentoring.

Congratulations to Natixis being named to the Corporate Mentoring Honor Roll. To learn about all the companies being recognized, join us at the Corporate Mentoring Summit on Jan. 14. Click here to RSVP.