The Value of Corporate Volunteering

You may have seen today’s article in the Boston Globe headlined “Corporate Volunteers Can Be A Burden For Nonprofits.” For us in the mentoring and youth development world, the article misses a critical point: without corporate volunteers willing to give their time and energy, we would not be able to serve thousands of youth in need of caring adults. Far from being a “burden,” their support is the lifeblood of the work that we do. In fact, many mentoring programs would not be able to operate at all without the willingness of corporations to allow their employees to serve.

Our 2014 Mass Mentoring Counts survey report was released this week and shows a large unmet need for mentors that continues in Massachusetts. Without corporate support, that need would be exponentially greater. Their willingness to serve means more empowering youth-adult relationships are happening and more communities are being strengthened as a result.

Thank you, corporate partners and volunteers! We could not do this work without your continued support.