Technical Assistance From MMP Can Help Your Organization Thrive

Mass Mentoring Partnership is excited to share with you the opportunity to apply for site specific support through our Technical Assistance (TA) program. In 2016, we are committed to ensuring that dedicated technical assistance is available to youth-serving programs across Massachusetts.

Technical Assistance is targeted support that MMP can provide to an organization or group with a development need or challenge. It's one of our major tools to help youth-serving agencies' strengthen their programming and organization. 

MMP's Technical Assistance can take the following forms:

  • Consulting via remote means (phone, e-mail, webinar and/or video conferencing)
  • In-person consultations
  • Site specific training
  • Reviewing agency policies, practices and procedures
  • A combination of all of the above

logo_1.pngRecently, one of our managers of training and technical assistance, Nate Baum, supported Strong Women, Strong Girls (SWSG) in creating language and templates  regarding screening processes and code of conduct recommendations for their newly developed policies and procedures for the entire organization. In the past, these areas have caused SWSG staff some amount of stress and confusion, according to Program Associate Sarah Kacevich.  Sarah talked about the specific and personalized support from MMP helping them get to the core of the issues. She said, "Having support from a trusted partner like MMP allows us to serve our community with more confidence and efficiency."

Program Manager Kenyora Johnson added, "Without a doubt, I'd recommend this service to other programs. As the saying goes, 'It takes a village...' and we all can't do everything ourselves. With MMP's technical assistance support as it relates to the common goal of mentoring, we have a toolbox of resources that is provided to us where we are able to learn and integrate tools and materials that enhance our overall programmatic and organizational structures."

Because technical assistance from MMP is direct and issue-specific, it helps programs efficiently come up with real solutions and answers to programmatic questions. Learn more and apply for technical assistance at your program.