Road to Relationships Story: State Street Corporation

Mass Mentoring Partnership and the Highland Street AmeriCorps Ambassadors of Mentoring hosted the 10th annual Youth Mentoring Day at the State House on January 21. This year's theme was The Mentoring Movement: The Road to Relationships. During the program, the Ambassadors of Mentoring highlighted four examples of how mentoring and empowering youth-adult relationships affect so many lives. Here is one of those stories: 

Whether one-to-one or through partnerships with other businesses and nonprofits, relationships are incredibly important at State Street Corporation.  According to Vice President of Workforce Development Richard Curtis, being a part of a relationship promotes a sense of engagement among State Street employees both within their corporate culture and in the wider community.  By being a part of the mentoring movement, State Street has been able to develop staff talent and bring resources to the community. 

State Street currently has a global mentoring program for new employees that offers an additional support system for them as they navigate a big company. Through their summer internship program, State Street engages with more than 200 high school and college students. This offers them the opportunity to learn new skills and form relationships with professionals that help them prepare for college and beyond. Some students receive more formal mentors to offer guidance and support. Mass Mentoring Partnership has provided training to allow participants to build the skills to ensure that relationships are sustained.


State Street has also had a partnership with Year Up since 2005. Young people in the Year Up program intern at State Street gaining experience and connection and allowing State Street employees to be involved in something outside their day to day work.

Additionally, State Street employees become part of the boards of organizations such as the Perkins School for the Blind and the Carroll Center for the Blind.  

Vice President of Corporate Citizenship Sheila Peterson has been a leader in developing networks to support relationships through the State Street Foundation. Sheila has brought together entities to think about how relationships help prevent violence, develop workforce skills and address trauma. She is a leader in the movement with a keen understanding of the value of relationships. 

State Street has not only put people on the road to relationships through its continually expanding mentoring programs, but they are also on that road with other organizations.