Reader to Reader celebrates Back to School with new recruitment strategy

Guest post submitted by Dennis Quinn, director of mentoring programs, Reader to Reader

For Reader to Reader, our most successful recruitment has always been by word of mouth. Given our close relationship with Amherst College students, current mentors would often recommend us to their friends. In the days when we had 20 mentors, we didn't need much more than that. Last year, though, we had 85 mentors, and with the growth we expect this year, we may reach 100.

For that reason, and with the support of Mass Mentoring, we hope to take a more targeted approach to recruiting. Our back to school event on Sept. 4, a cookout at our office, will be open to all returning mentors, each of whom will be invited to bring a first-year student that they think would make a good mentor. We have prizes and incentives for both the new recruits and their recruiters, plus food for everyone.

This “adopt a freshman” promotion will help us reach new students at the very start of the year. At the same time, we can ask our returning mentors to help us with some particular recruitment goals – especially recruiting male students to mentor.

We are excited to try a new strategy this year, and we are grateful for the support from Mass Mentoring to strengthen our recruiting efforts. We wish the rest of our Western Mass mentoring colleagues the best of luck on their own recruiting and a successful mentoring year!