Program highlight: LUK Inc.

This guest post is courtesy of Hilary Amedy, program coordinator at LUK Inc. in Fitchburg. Hilary answered some questions from Mass Mentoring regarding her program and its National Mentoring Month events.

  1. What is your role at the organization? Please give us some information about your program.
  2. I am the program coordinator for LUK. LUK began its mentoring program in 2003. We currently serve youth in the 66 towns of central MA, ages 6 through 17, with a focus on youth with disabilities and youth involved in the foster care system.

  3. Why is mentoring important?
  4. Everyone needs someone to look up to and learn from. Mentors can be that one person who can really influence some of our most at-risk youth in making positive life choices.

  5. What did your program do to celebrate National Mentoring Month?
  6. Our program hosted an event at the newly renovated Columbia Tavern in Leominster. We invited current mentors, alumni mentors, and partners, and encouraged mentors to bring friends who may be interested in becoming mentors. We provided food with a cash bar.

  7. What was the outcome of the event?
  8. There were approximately 25 folks who came to the event, which included mentors, friends, advisory board members, and staff. Another 15 or so patrons of the Columbia Tavern received information about our program.

  9. What was the overall response to the event?
  10. We were hoping for a bigger turnout. Some mentors could not come at the last minute, and we wished that someone from the media had responded to our invitation. People that attended had a wonderful time though.

  11. Did you do anything else for National Mentoring Month?
  12. We produced a mentoring PSA that ran on local cable for a total of 307 telecasts; a web banner is on the Charter 3 TV Worcester website for 3 months; Fidelity Bank in Fitchburg and Worcester ran NMM/LUK Mentoring information on their electronic signs for the month of January; and NMM/LUK Mentoring banners were displayed in front of the main LUK office in Fitchburg and on the Leominster Connector (Rt. 2/Rt. 190) median in Leominster during January. LUK Mentoring also had a “dough raiser” at UNO’s in Leominster where the NMM postcards were on the tables for the two days of the fundraiser. NMM bookmarks were distributed to local libraries.

  13. How can people get in touch with your program for additional information?
  14. Mentoring staff can be reached at 800-579-0000 or emailed at They may also visit our web site at