New recruitment toolkit launching soon

[caption id="attachment_1256" align="alignright" width="300"]IMG_3730 Attendees share best practices at the Table Talks event[/caption]

Mass Mentoring Partnership (MMP) and the Highland Street Corps Ambassadors of Mentoring recently hosted a recruitment-themed series, Table Talks: Diversifying Your Recruitment Efforts. The event was offered as two knowledge-sharing sessions for mentoring program staff in Boston and in Worcester. Nearly 70 guests from more than 40 programs shared successes, challenges, and tips on mentor recruitment, online marketing tools, and operating a program with limited staff capacity.

In order to continue the conversation and provide valuable recruitment resources to programs statewide, the Ambassadors of Mentoring are developing a mentor recruitment toolkit to be added to the MMP website. The kit should be live by the end of July and will include:

  • 2013 AOM best practices for recruitment
  • 2013 Table Talks knowledge share highlights
  • Sample recruitment plan templates
  • Blank recruitment plans
  • Information on the different Mass Mentoring recruitment campaigns
  • List of potential partners

The Ambassadors of Mentoring are also working to create a listserv, primarily for mentoring programs, that will serve as a tool to announce trainings and grant opportunities. Programs will be encouraged to use the listserv as a way to share ideas and information with other programs around the state.