A New Logo for the Mayor's Mentoring Movement!

In 2014, Mass Mentoring Partnership joined with Mayor Walsh and the City of Boston to create the Mayor's Mentoring Movement, an initiative to recruit 1,000 new volunteers to serve as caring adults in the lives of Boston youth. We've worked with our mentoring program partners to recruit nearly 600 mentors so far. 

Last summer, we launched a contest to help develop a logo for the Mayor's Mentoring Movement that would represent the relationships that are being created through this initiative. MMP reached out to our Mayor's Mentoring Movement program partners and asked them to work with their mentors and mentees to come up with ideas and designs that would serve as inspiration for the new logo. We received nearly 20 entries from our mentoring programs and selected three finalists. We then worked with a designer from the City's New Urban Mechanics office to bring the designs to the next level. From there, we posted the designs on Facebook and asked people to vote for their favorite design. We received more than 1,200 total votes and the winning design was from mentee Sophia Gaines from Mother Caroline Academy and Education Center!

We took Sophia's winning idea and further developed the design, adding color and evolving it into a logo we could use in all of our Mayor's Mentoring Movement materials. We hope you agree that it looks great! Thank you to all the programs, mentors and mentees that participated in the process and congratulations to Sophia and Mother Caroline Academy!

Here's a look at the evolution from Sophia's first design to the finished piece: