Mentoring Night At Fenway -- Liz and Beatrice

Our annual Mentoring Night at Fenway is coming up June 2nd at Fenway Park. We’re thrilled to bring you another profile to spotlight the matches who will be appearing on the field for pre-game activities.  Today’s match is mentor Liz and mentee Beatrice, who will throw out the first pitch with other matches.  This match will represent Mother Caroline Academy and Education Center (MCA), a private, tuition-free school for girls in Boston.

Liz and Beatrice are a natural mentoring pair who transitioned into formal mentoring.  They first met six years ago, when Beatrice was in Liz’s middle school class at MCA.  Two years after their initial meeting, they joined Mother Caroline Academy’s formal Mentoring Program. 

Over the past six years, Liz has been delighted to watch Beatrice mature into a confident, passionate young woman. According to Mother Caroline’s Director of Mentoring, Julie Gehring, “Liz has noticed [in Beatrice] an increased awareness of herself and herself in relation to those around her. She is surprisingly self-aware and insightful for her age, and consciously strives to be open-minded and caring towards others."


The pair enjoy a wide variety of activities, from reading (especially series books like Harry Potter) and painting to shopping. However, sports are a particular common interest for Liz and Beatrice. While at Mother Caroline, Liz coached Beatrice in soccer, a sport she continues to play in high school. They have also tried their hand at skiing. In addition to playing sports, they enthusiastically follow sports teams and have a goal of seeing all the Boston sports teams on their home turf. “[Beatrice] goes all in and is unabashed about cheering for her team,” Gehring reports, “and Liz thinks it would be a blast to see her in Fenway Park.” Congratulations, Liz and Beatrice!  

At Mentoring Night, Liz and Beatrice will be joined by nearly 1000 mentor and mentee matches.  Look for us in the stands or on the broadcast on NESN, and follow the hashtag #mentoringnight to see what’s happening and to share your own mentoring story!