Mentoring Night at Fenway -- First Pitch

Time once again for our Starting Lineup series: a look at the mentors and mentees who will appear on the field during Mentoring Night at Fenway.  Today we meet Tiago and Trent, who have been matched with Khalid of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Child & Family Services in New Bedford.  Tiago, Trent, and Khalid will throw out the first pitch at Fenway Park tomorrow night! 

Khalid first met Tiago and Trent in the spring of 2013, when he was a therapeutic mentor.  Together, they worked on how Tiago and Trent dealt with some of the setbacks in their lives.  The dynamic duo were “two of the most determined, accountable, and accepting of advice that I have worked with to this day,” Khalid recalls, mentioning that their respective families saw an improvement in their behavior and interactions.  These young men even wrote Khalid thank-you notes when they graduated from the program.  While their initial mentoring relationship had an end date, Khalid was so impressed with their growth and maturity that he became part of Big Brothers Big Sisters program at Child & Family Services “in order to continue coaching, supporting, and interacting with them.”  While Tiago and Trent’s behavior and grades improved under Khalid’s influence, they had a profound influence on him as well.  “They helped instill the confidence and self-assurance that I was being helpful and effective, while working with them to achieve their specific goals; I still draw upon that feeling of confidence, during any brief moments of doubting how effective my impact on the client is.” 

Keep an eye out for Trent, Tiago, and Khalid at our annual Mentoring Night at Fenway, where they will be joined by almost 1000 other mentors and mentees.  Look for them in the stands, and follow #mentoringnight to learn more about our matches.