Mentoring Night at Fenway -- Bat Girls!

On May 25th, nearly 1,000 mentors and mentees from across the state will come to Fenway Park for Mentoring Night to celebrate relationships and watch the Red Sox take on the Rockies. Some of the matches  will appear on the field during the Mentoring Night pregame activities. Representing Big Sister Association of Greater Boston, mentee, Na'vae, and mentor, Sonia, will be honorary bat girls!

When Sonia was getting ready to meet her Little Sister, Na’vae, she was full of excitement, but anxious about their age gap, wondering if they’d be able to find any common ground. Today, the anxiety is gone, but the excitement remains. The two of them share a love for food and a passion for the medical profession. Sonia hopes to soon take Na’vae to the hospital where she works to fuel her dream of becoming a doctor. She also plans to take Na'vae to the State House and a friend’s business to show her that she has options for her future.

From their initial, albeit shy, meeting to make gingerbread houses together, to going to their first Red Sox game this Wednesday, where Na’vae gets to be the Bat Girl, this match has been exemplary in their communication with and connection to each other.

Sonia shared that she has learned as much from Na’vae as she hopes Na’vae has from her. “I learned that the struggles of an inner-city kid are very real. I learned that reading about race, health, and poverty is not the same as living it,” Sonia said. “I am not here to save her from her present socioeconomic realities, I am here as her option. I learned that being a Big Sister means that I can be her diversion.”

The pair are looking forward to learning more about each other as their match continues and spending time outdoors this summer, starting with the baseball game!