Mentoring in Lynn: ‘Help A Girl Down The Right Path’

Andrea and Yanializ

Yanializ was 7 years old when her mother signed her up for the Big Sister program.  Yanializ lives in Lynn and had watched her older sister’s relationship with her own Big Sister Association mentor over the years and wanted to have a special adult in her life as well.  She said that she was bored at home on the weekends and wanted someone happy to spend time with.

Andrea lives in Lynn and first looked into mentoring through Big Sister Association in the spring of 2010. Andrea reflected on her own experiences, thinking about mentors that she could have used throughout her childhood, and decided that the time was right to, as she put it, “help a girl down the right path.” 

That summer, Andrea and Yanializ, now 12, met and clicked right away.  This year, they’ll celebrate five years as Sisters and they are as close as ever. Yanializ’s mom says that Yanializ “couldn’t live without her Big Sister.”  Whether they are going to the beach, watching movies, or playing a round of miniature golf, Yanializ knows she can always count on Andrea to listen to her, encourage her, and generally, as she puts it, to always “be awesome.”  Yanializ has had the opportunity to share many new experiences with her Big Sister, developing her confidence as she tries new things.  Over the years, Yanializ has developed into a successful student-athlete, balancing basketball with good grades--Andrea couldn’t be prouder!  

Big Sister is one of the mentoring programs available in the Lynn area that help create empowering youth-adult relationships. For more information on other programs in Lynn, click here. 

About Big Sister Association

Community-Based Mentoring is Big Sister’s signature program. It is the nation's premier evidence-based, one-to-one mentoring model which matches girls (Little Sisters) between the ages of 7-15 with professionally trained and supported women mentors (Big Sisters). Community-Based Big Sisters must be 20 years of age or older. Through the friendships created in the program, girls feel understood, supported, and encouraged to seek new experiences and opportunities. Big and Little Sisters choose when, where and what they do together, which helps them to build a bond based on shared interests. Many matches take advantage of Big Sister sponsored events, although sometimes activities are as simple as sharing a laugh, spending time together and trying something new.

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