Meet our runners: Scott Wicks

For the third year in a row, Mass Mentoring Partnership is honored to be an official charity partner of the B.A.A. Boston Marathon® on April 15. We want you to meet our amazing runners. Let’s go Team MMP!

ScottWicksPhotoRunner:  Scott Wicks
Longest run to date:  18 miles
Favorite song to listen to while runningI listen to thrash metal, punk rock and death metal.
Favorite post-run snack: Ice cream

  1. What inspired you to run the 2013 Boston Marathon for MMP? I really want to run a marathon. I conquered obesity three years ago and want to promote healthy living for all Americans. Running helps me stay in shape and process emotions. My younger sister died of suicide in October leaving a two-year-old son motherless. My little nephew now has an extra challenge in his life. I dedicate my runs to them. I will run to remember my sister and for a cause that helps youth know that a dedicated adult cares about them.
  2. What has been the most rewarding experience of your training and/or fundraising so far? The most rewarding part of my training has been knowing I can do this for my sister.  And the most rewarding part about fundraising is helping mentor my nephew Max and my girlfriend’s children. Plus, I'm raising money for a great cause.
  3. What do you think is the most important thing a mentor can do for a child? The best thing a mentor can do is simply be there for that child.
  4. What is the best piece of advice a mentor can give? Never give up on your hopes and dreams, and know true happiness comes from within.
  5. Complete this sentence: When I finish the Marathon, I will feel…I will feel my sister has been honored and her now 3-year-old son will have me to look up to. He will know that we both can accomplish anything.

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