Meet our runners: Joanne Quinlan-Roberts

PrintThanks to the John Hancock 2014 Non-Profit Marathon Program, Mass Mentoring Partnership (MMP) was presented with an amazing opportunity to once again participate in the B.A.A. Boston Marathon® on April 21, 2014. We also have a cohort of dedicated and resilient runners who ran for Team MMP in 2013 and are returning to run in 2014 and help fuel the mentoring movement in Massachusetts. We want you to meet our amazing runners. Let’s go Team MMP!

JoanneRunner:  Joanne Quinlan-Roberts
Hometown: Methuen, MA
Occupation: East Regional Controller - KPMG LLP
If your life were a movie, what would you title it?: The Rat Race
Longest run to date or previous marathons completed: Four Boston Marathons!
Favorite song to listen to while running: Tina Turner - Simply the Best (it got me through Mile 14 in my first Boston Marathon so I am loyal to it)
Favorite post-run snack: I would love a big fat cheeseburger - but I usually go with some pasta or a peanut butter sandwich and chocolate milk
Favorite way to work out besides running: I do strength training, cardio and yoga with a group of girlfriends two or three times a week

  1. What inspired you to run the 2014 Boston Marathon for MMP? MMP has been “my charity” since they started with the B.A.A. – had to do it one more year! It’s a great organization with great people doing great things for kids! How could you not be inspired?
  2. What has been the most rewarding experience of your training and/or fundraising so far? I am always so appreciative to my friends, co-workers and family for their generosity when I reach out to them for financial and moral support! And I was so honored and humbled last year when I received the Champions of Mentoring award from MMP in 2013 – that was a proud moment for me.
  3. Tell me about your experience with mentoring: I have mentees at KPMG. I have two formal mentoring relationships with KPMG colleagues – I hope I help guide them in their careers and contribute to their growth and development. I like to think I am a mentor of sorts to the younger people in my life.
  4. Who has been a significant mentor to you in your life? My mother was a significant mentor in life – she always provided sound advice and support and guidance. Professionally, I worked with a gentleman for years who was a terrific mentor. He led by example, was a team player, always open and honest and cared about me personally and professionally. He has since retired but we keep in touch regularly.
  5. How have you seen mentoring working in your community? I have been on the board of Family Services of Merrimack Valley for almost 20 years. The FSMV Youth Development programs (Big Friends Little Friends, AIM and Stand & Deliver) are done in collaboration with MMP – they give me a front row seat on seeing mentoring work in my community! It is inspiring to see how appreciate these kids are of the opportunities they have with FMSV.
  6. If you were mentoring yourself at age 10, what’s one piece of advice would you give? Do well in school. Get involved in school activities and make friends with good kids. Be a leader, not a follower. Be a positive kid that people want to be around and people want to see succeed.
  7. Complete this sentence: When I finish the 2014 Marathon, I will I will celebrate by…High-fiving my brother and friends volunteering at the finish line and then treating myself to that big fat cheeseburger with my friends and family!

If you would like to read more about Joanne or make a donation to her fundraising, please visit her fundraising page