Meet our riders: Andrew and Zach

[caption id="attachment_1296" align="alignright" width="272"]Untitled Andrew (left) and Zach[/caption]

Riders: Andrew Regan and Zach Wilson - The Tandem Twosome!
Age: 24
City: Acton (Zach) and West Newbury (Andrew)
Occupation: Account managers at The Start Group/ALKU
Distance riding: 25 miles

  1. Why did you choose to ride for Team MMP in the 2013 Rodman Ride for Kids? It's a great cause and riding tandem is something we have never tried before. We love a challenge!
  2. What has been the most rewarding experience of your training and/or fundraising so far? We've never ridden a tandem bike, but it brings two best friends and roommates closer. Even better, we are able to contribute to a great cause and help kids who need it.
  3. Tell us about an important mentor you had/have in your life. Zach - my dad taught me true discipline and supporter me in much of my athletic career.
    Andrew - my mom is a true inspiration (she has battled breast cancer three times and is a three-time survivor) and someone who has supported me in anything and everything I have done throughout my life.
  4. Why do you think mentoring is important? It provides structure and stability for kids who don't have it in their lives.
  5. How does mentoring strengthen communities? Mentoring builds and supports the adults of tomorrow, directly affecting our community and its future.

"We are excited to ride tandem and will be practicing each weekend in the heat! People doubt the tandem but we are up for the challenge, and expect it to be easier with two engines as opposed to one. We will see you at the Ride!" - Zach and Andrew