Meet the match: Vicky and Katie

This match highlight was submitted by  Old Colony Y Big Sister Big Brother.

BSBBKatie and Vicky have been matched since Nov. 2011, and they have referred to their relationship as a “perfect match.”  According to Vicky, she and Big Sister Katie are “basically the same person,” except that Katie “ doesn't have a mean bone in her body.”

Despite adding more to her plate, including working full-time and going back to graduate school this past fall, Katie continues to be a consistent presence in Vicky’s life since their one-year anniversary as a match has passed.  Katie has not let her additional commitments interfere with her and Vicky’s relationship, and she continues to take full advantage of the various opportunities provided through the Old Colony Y Big Sister Big Brother program and Mass Mentoring Partnership.  When Patriots player Devin McCourty came to visit our program as part of the Patriots Celebrate Volunteerism Campaign, the pair was so excited to be part of the appreciation event.  Katie and Vicky took part in relay and team-building activities with the Patriots cornerback-turned-safety, and after holding Devin’s hand in a game of the “Human Knot,” Vicky claimed she would never wash her hand again!  The match also recently had an opportunity to attend a Boston Celtics game, at which they had wonderful seats and voiced their appreciation for how much their match is supported by the program and mentoring advocates in the community.

According to Vicky’s grandmother, Katie has been a great support to her granddaughter and she is so thankful that Katie is there for Vicky through any challenges she faces. When Katie became a Big Sister, she said she wanted to be a great friend and a good role model, while offering dependability and genuine support.  She has exceeded her own expectations and we want to recognize all that she does to instill the importance of hard work, education and community in her Little’s life.