Meet the match: Jose and David from Old Colony Y/Big Sister Big Brother

January is National Mentoring Month, and we are highlighting a number of perspectives on mentoring, events, and ways you can get involved in the field. Today’s post, a match highlight, is submitted from Old Colony Y Big Sister Big Brother.

UntitledMentor David and his Little, Jose, have been matched since August 2007.  Since that time, David’s life has changed significantly as he has gained additional responsibilities at work, had two children, and moved more than 30 minutes away.

Despite all of these new responsibilities and changes, David has continued to play a positive role and have a significant presence in Jose’s life.  Jose started high school this past fall and David has been there to encourage, support and guide Jose – even though Jose is quick to point out that it has been a long time since David was in high school!

Jose’s mother has so appreciated David’s involvement with her son, and been so pleased with the positive changes that she has seen with Jose, that she signed up her younger daughter to get a Big Sister. While his sister waited to get a Big, David and Jose would often invite her along on their adventures, exposing her to new opportunities while also furthering Jose’s relationship with her and his commitment to his family.

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