Meet Jose and David from Old Colony Y Big Sister Big Brother

The following blog entry is excerpted from Old Colony Y’s Big Sister Big Brother match application to participate in the pre-game activities for Mentoring Night at Fenway Park.

Starting Lineup (2)15-year-old Jose from Old Colony Y’s Big Sister Big Brother program had the honor of announcing the NESN starting lineup for the Red Sox-Indians game during Mentoring Night at Fenway Park on May 24. The game helped kickoff the annual Red Sox Mentoring Challenge, an initiative designed to recruit more caring adults as mentors.

Jose and David have been matched since August 2007. Despite the fact that David has had two children, moved, and gained increased responsibilities at work, he continues to be a positive role model and have a significant presence in Jose's life.

Jose started high school this fall and David has been there to encourage, support and guide Jose. Jose's mother has been so appreciative of this involvement and please with the positive changes that she signed up her youngest daughter (Zeliza) to get a Big Sister. Generously, David and Jose would invite Zeliza on their adventures during the time she waited to be matched, and this exposed her to new opportunities while furthering Jose's relationship with her and his commitment to his family.

Jose's growth and character are evident in the way that he carries himself. This past January, Jose nominated David for Mentor of the Year at a citywide mentor recognition event to celebrate National Mentoring Month, saying, "I look forward to my day with Dave. If that's not happiness, I don't know what is."