Meet Clyde from The DREAM Program

The following blog entry is excerpted from The DREAM Program's match application to participate in the pre-game activities for Mentoring Night at Fenway Park.

First pitch - Brian and Clyde13-year-old Clyde from DREAM had the honor of throwing out a ceremonial first pitch for the Red Sox-Indians game during Mentoring Night at Fenway Park on May 24. The game helped kickoff our annual Red Sox Mentoring Challenge, an initiative designed to recruit more caring adults as mentors.

He has been matched with his mentor Brian for two years. In the beginning, Clyde was not really willing to open up to Brian because he did not know Brian or what the purpose of DREAM was. With time, through weekly meeting, sharing a love of basketball, and patient waiting, Clyde began to open up to Brian and share with him his hopes and dreams, and academic issues that he had been facing.

This past summer, Clyde attended summer school, and during the academic year, Brian (on his own initiative) has met with Clyde’s teachers to learn more about Clyde’s issues at school and to provide context for why Clyde had been in summer school. Last year, they had not talked often about his grades, but this year Brian made a concerted effort to make himself a resource to Clyde. He has offered to tutor Clyde since he is a mathematics major and math is one of the subjects in which Clyde has difficulty.

Brian in his time as a DREAM mentor has never missed a DREAM activity and has met with Clyde beyond the weekly Friday commitment. This dedication and consistency is a trait that has served both Brian and Clyde well. Brian enjoys being Clyde’s mentor because it allows him to share his knowledge and be a resource for youth in the community. Clyde enjoys being with Brian because they have fun, attend sports activities, and take advantage of new opportunities.

Although Brian may suggest an activity or an academic option, Clyde is empowered to make a decision to attend an activity or suggest an alternative one. Clyde knows that Brian is always there for him, no matter the decision that Clyde makes. The mentoring relationship that Brian and Clyde share sets the standard for the Northeastern DREAM Program.

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