Meet Carlos from Earthen Vessels

The following blog entry is excerpted from Earthen Vessels' match application to participate in the pre-game activities for Mentoring Night at Fenway Park.

12-year-old Carlos from Earthen Vessels (EV) had the honor of throwing out a First pitch - Paul and Carlosceremonial first pitch for the Red Sox-Indians game during Mentoring Night at Fenway Park on May 24. The game helped kickoff our annual Red Sox Mentoring Challenge, an initiative designed to recruit more caring adults as mentors.

Carlos has been matched with his mentor,  Paul, for a year. They've been involved with the program for the past four years but were previously paired with different folks.

Carlos is able to value leadership now, seeing Paul lead the volunteers in the EV program and running workshops for the EVKids.  They work really well together, and Paul is a huge advocate for Carlos both in school and his home life.  Paul encouraged Carlos to speak up when he needs extra help at school.  Thanks to Paul, Carlos participated in EV's Community Event this year, performing in a dance group. Although Carlos faces some academic struggles, Paul is there to help him set goals for himself and his future.

Interested in becoming a mentor or know someone who'd be a great fit? Sign up through the Red Sox Mentoring Challenge