Mass Mentoring Counts case study: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hampden County

Mass Mentoring Counts (MMC) is a biennial statewide youth mentoring survey in Massachusetts,  conducted for MMP by the Donahue Institute at the University of Massachusetts, which reveals mentoring trends, gaps and program practices. In preparation for this week's release of the 2012 MMC survey to programs, we asked some programs to share how past MMC surveys have been helpful. Today’s guest post is from Rebel McKinley, director of development at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hampden County.

Mass Mentoring Counts is an incredible, current resource for mentoring programs. I do not send out a proposal or an email to our senators or representatives without using MMC for context and legitimacy.

I have found that MMC allows me to:

  1. Understand the mentoring landscape as a whole in Massachusetts and share that knowledge with constituents
  2. See what is happening locally in order to articulate a niche or research potential partners
  3. Have a recent and credible source to cite in grant proposals

One of my challenges as a grant writer is helping reviewers understand what is unique about an agency that is part of a national network. I need to make my case compelling for regional funders, and it helps that I am able to demonstrate my knowledge of mentoring in not only Massachusetts, but specifically Western Mass. and Springfield as a result of MMC.