A look back on the Boston Marathon®

Being an out-of-state-runner on MMP’s 2012 Boston Marathon  team, I was not able to meet all of the team members. I loved following along with all the posts and emails. This is an excerpt of an email I sent to our team after the race, and would love to share it as a reflection of my experience.

I could not be more proud to be a part of this team. The challenges of this race were large. We all trained for such a long time and I think only a few of us were previously marathon runners. This level of training took huge amounts of time and effort - time we could have spent with our family, friends, or in bed. Some of us suffered through injuries along the way and were able to fight past that frustration and still become a finisher of the most prestigious race in the world, something of which I am proud of the entire team.

On top of that we raised more than $85,000 for Mass Mentoring Partnership. Our efforts in raising this money will be used to better the lives of so many kids.  That alone makes it all worth it. Having benefited from strong mentors in my life, I am so honored to have that level of fundraising to support mentors for future generations.

For me, finishing was very emotional.  I grew up in Central Mass and celebrated every Patriots Day by heading to the Marathon. Often we would catch the Sox game and then run to Kenmore to see the runners. At this point in my life I have run a lot of races but always knew that I wanted Boston to be my first marathon.  When the opportunity to run Boston AND raise money for Mass Mentoring came up it was a no-brainer. My personal life is full of mentoring and I would not be where I am today if not for the mentors I had. Unfortunately I developed a stress fracture in my right foot during my training, and I was unable to run at all until two weeks before the marathon. It was about seven weeks of inactivity and that killed my training schedule. My longest run was 16 miles and that had been more than two months before the Marathon. When I learned of the crazy heat on race day, I was wicked worried about finishing.  So when I crossed the finish line and saw my wife standing in the bleachers cheering, I just started bawling.  Seriously, I was crying as I crossed the finish and could not stop for several minutes. No idea where it came from but I just could not help it. I gave my wife a huge hug, proudly got my medal, and ran off to the airport.  It was one of the BEST experiences of my life and I really don't care that it took me five hours to finish (five hours and 12 minutes actually).  It was all worth it.