Congratulations to Raw Art Works, our new Partner Program!

Congratulations to Raw Art Works (RAW) for their recent move to Partner Level in our Quality Based Membership program. Located in the city of Lynn, RAW not only hosts a mentoring program, Project Launch, but also engages with youth in many other ways, including college preparedness and workforce development. 

Project Launch  is a program for current RAW teens that begins in the spring of their junior year. Through the program, RAW artists are paired with one-on-one mentors who support them as they navigate career options or begin to apply for college and financial aid. Last year, RAW teens were accepted into 49 colleges and universities and awarded more than $1,000,000 in scholarships and financial aid. Services also extend to RAW's recent graduates and offers collaboration with local college and career access organizations.


Having just undergone an expansion, RAW is now embarking on a new initiative with all of their first-year college students on preparation, competency, readiness, and grit. They hope to better prepare incoming college freshmen to succeed and address RAW’s long-term outcomes of resiliency, self-efficacy, and community engagement. Through their new program, called FLY, they will focus on student finances, life after high school and the paths the students hope to take, which could be career or academically based.

This initiative is specially designed to help young people with more than just their financial and academic obstacles. RAW does this through directly addressing their doubts, misconceptions, and fears. They provide young people with leadership opportunities and programming that addresses their thoughts on adjusting to life on a college campus, navigating this new world and how to be resilient. With these skills, the staff at RAW believe they can develop successful life-long achievers.

In addition to this expanded mission, Project Launch's director, Masiel Encarnación, is also excited for the opportunity for RAW to incorporate cultural competency trainings within their programming. "By providing resources, training and a safe space for our mentors and staff to explore their cultural competency, our program will forge stronger relationships between the mentor, students and the families we serve." MMP regularly hosts cultural competency trainings as a part of our work for youth development and mentoring programs.

We look forward to continuing to work with this fantastic organization!