Celebrating great partnerships: CTP and Everybody Wins! Metro Boston

Tonight, as part of the Prudential Center's "31 Nights of Light," the Boston landmark will be lit in blue in honor of Mass Mentoring Partnership and as an early kickoff to National Mentoring Month 2012 (January).

As part of tonight's event, we wanted to spotlight a business that has demonstrated their commitment to the mentoring field, and the business we chose - CTP - is a long-time supporter of mentoring. Not only have they generously donated their creative and media services, pro-bono, to MMP over the last five years, they also have many of their employees engaged as mentors in the Everybody Wins! Power lunch program.

According to EWMB's Executive Director, Darcy Madden, CTP's initial involvement was at the Alighieri School in East Boston during the 2006-2007 school year, and briefly at the Eliot School in the North End around the same time. At the end of the 2010-2011 school year, the Alighieri School was closed by the Boston Public Schools so the group is now participating at the Adams School in East Boston.

[caption id="attachment_526" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="CTP Account Executive Jessica Mulrean reads to her mentee during Power Lunch"][/caption]In total there have been 25 CTP employees who have served as reading mentors since 2006-2007 with 10 of those people participating for two years or more. They contribute financially to support their involvement with Power Lunch each year, and this year they also provided in-kind support by redesigning EWMB's 2011 Golden Ticket Gala promotional materials.

CTP's commitment to their community is genuine, and it's an attitude that has permeated throughout the staff from the top down, as their partners are mentors, too.

"We find it [Power Lunch] such a rewarding experience," said Fred Conover, president of CTP. "...It gives us an opportunity to clear our minds and think about something different. And sometimes as hard as it is to tear ourselves away from our desks, by the time we walk out of the school and head back to your office you think, 'Wow, that was great, I’m so glad that I did that.'”

MMP is proud to call CTP a partner and friend to mentoring, and we look forward to celebrating with EWMB and CTP tonight at the Prudential Center.

If your company is interested in getting involved with mentoring, visit our web site for a list of ways to support youth in your community. You can also contact Director of Marketing and Partnerships Rich Greif directly at rgreif@massmentors.org.